Discharge Of Student Policy

At anytime a family may choose to withdrawal from Calvary Christian Preschool & Daycare by giving a two week notice to the Director in writing. If a family chooses to withdrawal without a two-week notice they will be obligated to pay tuition for those two weeks.

If for any reason a child becomes a threat to any staff member or enrolled children, an immediate termination will be made. The director will give both a written and verbal notice to the family. If for any reason a parent becomes a threat to staff members or to enrolled children or families within our preschool an immediate termination will also be made.

If in the event the Director feels the school can no longer care for a child due to specific parental behavioral reasons such as failure to obey school policies, use of profanity, rude or disrespectful behavior to the people of our school, failure to park and drive carefully in the school vicinity or makes payments repeatedly late, the Director will give a termination notice.

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