Safety Policy

Our front door is always locked and requires an assigned private code to enter the school. Each family will be given a private code when a child is registered. We ask all our parents, staff members, visitors and guests to keep safety one of our greatest concerns. Do not share your private code with anyone other than the parent of child. All other guest will need to call for an appointment.

Walk your child to her/his classroom and be sure he is acknowledged by his teacher.

Be careful when backing up from a parking space. Drive slowly in the school vicinity.

Children are to walk with their parent to and from their classroom when either picked up or dropped off.

Children are never to be unsupervised by parents in our school.

Hold your child’s hand when walking through the parking lot.

A child will not be released to a person other than their parent, unless written notice has been given by the parent, and the person picking up the child has proper identification. This is a serious requirement and no exceptions will be made.

All classrooms will be adequately staffed under the ratio guidelines provided by DHS. All staff will be trained in CPR and First Aid.

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