The philosophy of Calvary Christian Preschool & Daycare is simple, provide quality care and treat each child as if they were our own. We strive to provide a rich, nurturing environment for your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth in a fun learning environment. Our teachers work cooperatively with each family to suit the child’s individual needs.

We use a combination of Abeka Curriculum and Creative curriculum in all our classes. 

Children’s brains develop rapidly in the early years; scientific research has shown that the brain builds itself through experiences. The richer the experiences the more the brain grows. We work to understand how your child learns best and provide sensitive guidance so they can accomplish great things! We invite them to explore, experiment, and make discoveries. We honor their creativity and ideas and focus on your child’s strengths to help them build their knowledge base.

In addition to our curriculum, we also utilize Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). This is a fairly new program, but is now being widely used in the public schools as well as many early childhood centers. Much research has been done in the past several years regarding social skills in young children. Through PBS, we seek to support and encourage problem solving in social situations – again focusing and building on your child’s strengths.

Fostering confidence, independence, curiosity, motivation, persistence, self-control, cooperation, empathy and the ability to communicate well with others greatly increase a child’s chance of success later in life.